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Boost confidence & WELLBEING 

Embark on an Immersive Executive Coaching Experience for
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whole person approach

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When we work together, it's not only your professional life that reaps the rewards.

Through our holistic onboarding process we identify the barriers keeping you stuck and untapped potential waiting to be harnessed.
This process leads to increased fulfillment, energy, and alignment with your values, helping you reach your goals. 

Our methods draw upon a rich body of research in I/O Psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness studies.

Designed for executives and founders,
our coaching programs instigate meaningful change that drive business success.

Hi, I'm Natalie. 
I'm glad you're here.

Are you ready to experience work and life differently? 

Most of my clients are high-achieving people who have delivered a great deal of value for themselves, their team and their organizations. They usually just have that one thing that if they could fix/change/better manage it, they would be unstoppable. 

And they've tried. Usually they've had conversations with their boss, their spouse, their friends, sometimes even their therapist. And then they find me - and we finally make progress together. 

Psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness form the foundation of the work we do together. We go there. We get deep. You might cry. You'll definitely laugh (I can pretty much guarantee that since one of my core values is FUN). 

Rest assured, I will provide honest guidance while considering the intricacies of your unique identity, professional environment(s), leadership style, feedback from colleagues, and optimal work approach based on your unique blueprint. Together, we will clarify and articulate your values, desires for life, work, and the coaching engagement, and help you achieve your goals.

"My time with Natalie absolutely accelerated my professional development, and perhaps more importantly, helped me better understand the why and how behind my previous leadership choices so that I could consciously evolve my style and work toward a more sustainable and fulfilling future." 

- Amanda Steele,
managing Director
kaufman hall

clients served

I am proud to have worked with clients at some of the world's most successful and innovative organizations, which span from scrappy start-ups to fortune 500 companies, including...

clients often find me in need of

work life balance

  • On the verge of burnout
  • Experiencing high levels of stress and/or health challenges
  • Experiencing serial burnout and wanting to do things differently

help navigating change

  • Navigating work-life as a new executive
  • Inheriting a new team
  • Reporting into a new manager
  • The people side of mergers / acquisitions / divestitures

leadership growth

  • Leadership development
  • Executive presence
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Refining leadership style and communication
  • Navigating politics and/or organizational culture 
  • Wanting to make a style / communication / personality change but not knowing how

work with me

1:1 Coaching

Imagine one-on-one sessions with a skilled guide who sees you, meets you where you are, and is able to utilize psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, and 20+ years of corporate and start-up experience to help you get better results and create real and lasting transformation. 

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