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OUR mission

Transforming leadership                 

We’re on a mission to redefine what it means to lead. 

We don't just help leaders hit their targets -
we inspire them to move past their blocks and excel by rediscovering joy in their work, building skills and confidence, and cultivating teams that thrive. 

at its core        

our why

Work can help us evolve into the best

versions of ourselves.

Coaching helps us choose the former. 

or worst

meet our founder

Natalie Underdown is an Organizational Psychologist and sought-after Executive Coach.

With a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology and almost two decades of consulting and organizational development experience....

... she takes clients on a deep dive using psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience.

A mindbodysoul, choose your own adventure of sorts rarely offered within executive coaching.

This modern, whole-person approach, while unconventional, leads to very real, tangible results. 

Natalie has lived through the highs and lows of corporate life. Working for global organizations including Accenture and Live Nation, she learned firsthand what fuels personal and professional growth—and what burns it down.

A personal health crisis made her realize that the career she was deeply invested in was no longer aligned for her and that health is # 1 - without it, nothing else really matters. 

This realization sparked a journey into mindfulness, neuroscience, nutrition, and detoxification, reshaping not just her physical and emotional well-being but her approach to leadership coaching as well. 

“I’ve seen the pressures of Corporate America up close,” Natalie says. “My wake-up call showed me there’s a better way to lead—a way that lights you up, not burns you out.”

This holistic approach is now the heart of her coaching philosophy. Natalie’s method is integrative, immersive, and impactful. She dives deep, building leaders from the inside out.

"We focus on strategic, sustainable growth for you - as an executive, leader, and as a person. We have fun creating the next iteration of you based on your own and other key inputs. As terrifying as it is to go through a 360 process (for my corporate clients), it's where the gold is. You might cry. We'll definitely laugh. You'll leave the engagement with a better understanding of yourself, what needed to shift, and how to continue sustainably achieving results as this next version of you." 

Our aim is to empower leaders to achieve success while healing and evolving how they think, communicate, and embody leadership. We go beyond traditional coaching to create lasting impacts on our clients and their communities.

Here’s how:

We aim to cultivate a new generation of empathetic, high-performing leaders within the corporate world.

Our focus is on sustainable, meaningful change grounded in integrity and strategy.

We believe in creating a ripple effect where transformed leaders inspire and empower those around them.

Fostering Conscious Leaders

Inspiring Communities

Redefining Growth

about our brand

The Fibonacci Sequence and the Nautilus Shell

The Fibonacci sequence and the nautilus shell are more than just mathematical and natural wonders—they are symbols of growth, expansion, and renewal. The Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones, is a principle that appears throughout nature. It’s a blueprint for organic growth, from the arrangement of leaves to the spirals of sunflowers.

The nautilus shell, with its perfect spiral, is a representation of nature's precision and balance. Each chamber of the nautilus shell signifies its past growth stages, while the unoccupied larger chambers symbolize its potential for future growth. This spiral is a physical manifestation of the Fibonacci sequence, growing in direct proportion to the organism’s needs. It’s a powerful reminder of how growth, while uncomfortable, can actually be both orderly and harmonious.

Just as the nautilus shell grows with geometric precision, expanding only as needed, The NU Co aims to help our clients grow in a structured way, reflecting past achievements while also looking forward toward future potential.