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Top 3 Components of Executive Presence: Develop and Enhance Yours to Excel

Have you ever been told you need to work on your executive presence… …and were completely confused as to what that meant? Introduction What exactly is executive presence? Executive presence is a term used to describe the ability to project confidence, poise, and leadership gravitas in the workplace. It is a combination of qualities that […]

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How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

If you’ve ever doubted your achievements or feared that you’re just one step away from being exposed as a fraud despite all of the evidence that you’re not, you’re not alone. Imposter syndrome, that nagging feeling of inadequacy despite evidence of success, affects many accomplished individuals, including executives who by all accounts have already reached […]

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The Great Exhaustion: Pandemic Burnout

After over a year and a half of COVID-19 shaping the way we work and live, employees are beginning to experience pandemic burnout. As a result, stress and burnout in the workplace have increased as the future of work continues to be a giant question mark. Burnout can have a large impact on mental health […]

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Hi there. 

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Leadership is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor that requires discovering your authentic style and applying it to your team's culture. It involves motivating, inspiring, and achieving results while navigating politics, competing agendas, time and financial constraints. Balancing these responsibilities can be even more demanding if you're also a parent (I know this firsthand now).

Despite the challenges, leadership offers remarkable opportunities for personal growth and development. As an experienced consultant and coach, I utilize sometimes unconventional, yet science-backed, approaches to help my clients enhance their leadership skills and achieve their full potential.

If you're enjoying this content but need more specific guidance, feel free to reach out and explore working together. 

I'm glad you've found your way to our little corner of the internet.

The NU Leadership blog provides insights and solutions to address your most pressing leadership needs. Say goodbye to ineffective strategies and embrace a new approach that actually works. Let us help you navigate the inevitable challenges you'll face as a leader and achieve a new level of success.

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