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Traditional coaching that only focuses on behavioral change is dead. 

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90% of corporate vice presidents report struggling with leadership and people management, time restraints,
and/or work-life balance.

Experience optimal team performance, efficient delegation, and the ability to switch off when needed - all with the support of a top-tier coach just a click away.

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To Put it Simply

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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Executive coaching produces clear, science-backed outcomes,
leading to enhanced....

  • Leadership skills and effectiveness
  • Performance and results
  • Work-life alignment and balance / stress management
  • Communicationand greater ease in difficult conversations
  • Relationships with colleagues, managers, and direct reports
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Change management / navigation skills
  • Boundaries 
  • Promotion and compensation conversations
  • Success tactics for a new role
  • Understanding of the stories, patterns, and beliefs you hold (and if they help or hinder you)
  • Opportunities for connection, joy, and fun
  • Well-being
  • Gratitude & appreciation for your individual journey, challenges and detours

If you're Ready to...


sustainably advance your career, while building a more fulfilling life without burning out


become more self-aware, make better decisions, and have a more positive impact on your team and organization


be better equipped to manage your emotions, navigate difficult situations, and build stronger relationships


have better time management, focus, and prioritization skills, and see a dramatic improvement in productivity levels, efficiency, and joy

gain a clearer understanding of your goals and values, then take strategic, aligned steps to achieve them

let's Talk

a typical 6-month package includes

  • 360 interviews and bespoke report
  • Proprietary NU Company work-life assessment
  • Personality analysis 
  • Human Design chart
  • 1:1 coaching sessions conducted virtually over Zoom
  • One 2-hour personal effectiveness strategy & goal planning session to review your data
  • 45 or 60-minute coaching sessions (your preference) 
  • Email support in-between sessions
  • A customized coaching log with all notes, links, book / podcast recommendations, homework, visuals, etc. for the client to keep

How it Works


Free Discovery Call

Bring the opportunities and challenges you'd like support with (for you or your team member) and we'll see if we're a fit



Contract and payment to make it official 


Data Gathering

360 interviews, Personality and Work-Life Assessments, and Human Design so that we are really understanding YOU, what's working, and what's not


Kickoff Session

We pour through all of your assessments and the 360 feedback, then tweak original coaching goals if need be



6 to 12 months of virtual executive coaching sessions, stakeholder check-ins, mini experiments, and life-changing shifts

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client testimonials

Natalie has given me the confidence to better approach difficult situations and not shy away from conversations because of fear of disappointing someone. Working with Natalie has allowed me to uncover some limiting beliefs and helped me get to healthier and more productive mindsets faster. She's also opened my eyes to what it means to "play small" and together we figured out a new career advancement opportunity based on my interests. She helped me find my voice and I appreciate her guidance and encouragement. I highly recommend Natalie to anyone looking for an executive coach!

dyan crace
senior director,
taking point leadership

I highly recommend investing in your leadership future through a coaching relationship with Natalie. Natalie's empathy, patience, and sheer passion for her work resonated throughout our time together, challenging me to approach situations from new angles, and evolving the way I lead both others and myself. 

My time with Natalie absolutely accelerated my professional development, and perhaps more importantly, helped me better understand the why and how behind my previous leadership choices so that I could consciously evolve my style and work toward a more sustainable and fulfilling future. 

amanda steele
managing director
kaufman hall

Fortunate comes to mind when I reflect on my time spent with Natalie for personal career growth. Natalie was attentive to my goals, and quickly generated actionable items for me to execute. 

I appreciated how simple, yet granular her approach was. She did a fantastic job of identifying decision-makers around me that would also assist in my goals, and establish the lexicon that would put them at hand. 

Overall, it was truly remarkable how many different touch points she is able to identify that can impact one's goals, and a plan for each to obtain growth is exactly what she provided.

James carr
director of client success

There is no exaggeration when I tell you that it has been the privilege of my professional life and very good fortune to have found a partner in purpose, in Natalie Underdown; first at Live Nation and again during a rocket ship growth period at JuneShine.

Over the years I have hired Natalie for one-on-one coaching, team development exercises, and mentorships. Regardless of the project or need, I KNOW I can count on Natalie’s geniuses, intuition, and insights to pull out and organize the exact solution I’m hunting for. I can directly tie her support and guidance to multiple successful projects, huge unlocks for my team and giant career growth spurts of my own.

Beyond her PhD and Master’s in organizational psychology, beyond her career of partnering with diverse brands (small to international Fortune 500), Natalie has magic about her all her own. She has my trust and respect. She is a true results-driven professional, someone I draw inspiration from, and I sincerely feel very grateful to count her among my professional peers.

melissa ninegar
senior director, people & culture
once upon a farm

I found Natalie on LinkedIn so it's hard to know when you haven't worked with someone before and the person didn't come as a referral.

However, the moment we started working together, it clicked.

Natalie was not judgmental. Her calm demeanor made me feel like she is solutions-oriented. She also has a very relevant track record from the business world.

The values that we came up with during our session have been an essential part of our company's culture and have become part of our everyday values. Her experience from the business world plus her training and demeanor make Natalie a great resource.

I would highly recommend her. 

joe spector
founder & ceo


Leading with Greater Situational Awareness + EQ

Situation: This client had reached a very senior level in her organization and was regularly outperforming peers in amount of revenue generated; however, she kept receiving feedback that she needed to demonstrate greater situational awareness and lead with more emotional intelligence. She was often called a "bulldog" and senior leadership did not feel comfortable promoting her. 

The client believed that she did not know how to get results, and hit her financial goals, any other way. This exact behavior was what had been modeled for her by male colleagues and she felt her success relied on the same behaviors that were being questioned. 

 Using 360 feedback, psychology, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), experiential learning via mini-experiments, and a safe and trusted environment where she could be vulnerable, the client began trying on various leadership styles (including new ones that had not been modeled for her) depending on what the situation called for. Her colleagues and family saw the transformation before their eyes. This client was recently promoted at her firm. 

Situation: Coaching Client John had been with his organization since its inception 10+ years ago and had worked his way up to SVP. Loyal and dedicated to the founder, he did not want to leave but was ready for a new challenge. That said, John was continually frustrated that the founder and senior leadership were not giving him new opportunities. His frustration was spilling over into how he led his team, his interactions with senior leadership, and even with his time with family. He felt stuck, in a rut, resentful, and not sure where to go next.

Challenge: The founder of the company genuinely admired and respected John, but was too busy to be charting out new career paths for him. The founder was also unsure why John was always so frustrated and had a bad attitude. 


Charting a new path for a long-standing leader and the organization

Resolution: The NU Co. helped John get clear on his core values and goals, so he could actually answer the question, “what do I want to do?” We mapped out his ideal role based on the work, people, and team culture, then ensured it aligned not only with his strengths and preferences, but also with the needs of the business. From there, John was able to have conversations with the founder about a new line of business that would create additional revenue streams, as well as a new career path for him that was more aligned with his current needs, desires, aspirations, and values. John was promoted to EVP (and eventually President of this new function), resulting in a win for all involved. 


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