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work well, live better

At The NU Company, we believe in making work meaningful and life-fulfilling.

We don't just coach and revitalize leaders; we reshape leadership and organizations, proving that true growth stems from a blend of professional acumen and personal well-being. 

Our coaching peels back the layers of 'shoulds' and 'coulds', zeroing in on what truly matters for Executives and Founders facing all-consuming work challenges.

By focusing on the whole person —mind, body and soul, we help you zone into your clarity, lead with confidence, and make work aligned. It’s about growth and synergy embodied within you that ripples throughout your team and entire organization. 

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Your leaders are your biggest asset, but even seasoned executives have blind spots.

As a company, you need leaders who not only meet targets but inspire their teams to do the same. We partner with you to develop tailored coaching programs to address the unique challenges your leaders face, fostering an environment where everyone thrives and is positioned to meet the challenges ahead.

Investing in our Executive Coaching isn't about starting over - it's about amplifying what already works and smoothing out the rough edges that do not. 

The ripple effect?

Refined leaders, inspired teams, a culture rejuvenated, and an organization that outperforms its benchmarks.

Sometimes your highest performers and most valuable employees need the most support. 

When you truly believe it's the right person in the right role, but the multiple conversations, training, leadership books, and off-the-shelf large-scale coaching programs haven't helped...

It's time to invest in a coach who goes there, gets deep, gets to the root of the problem, and then truly helps your executive make the choice to change.

Whether you're looking for growth

Our Whole Person Coaching Packages are designed for the individual ready to invest in themselves 

For the Corporate Exec
whose team member needs support

For the Founder
who has tried everything else

For the Individual
ready to finally do things differently


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