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I highly recommend investing in your leadership future through a coaching relationship with Natalie. While investigating potential coaches, I understood early that I wanted to work with someone who naturally complemented me from both a skill-set and emotional intelligence perspective - Natalie's empathy, patience, and sheer passion for her work resonated throughout our time together, challenging me to approach situations from new angles, and evolving the way I lead both others and myself. I enjoyed the balance of leveraging pre-created materials in a curriculum style and focusing on timely and situationally dependent activities or issues I faced along the way. My time with Natalie absolutely accelerated my professional development, and perhaps more importantly, helped me better understand the why and how behind my previous leadership choices so that I could consciously evolve my style and work toward a more sustainable and fulfilling future. 

Managing director, 
kaufman hall

Amanda Steele

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Before I started working with Natalie, I felt very scattered about the issues I was having within my business and in my personal life. It was hard for me to stay focused on issues such as organization and knowing what project to tackle next. I had plenty of big ideas to implement but had trouble getting clear on how to break down the idea into actionable steps. 

I constantly felt like I wasn't doing enough, and that I was working very hard and very long hours, but wasn't seeing all of the results that I hoped for. I often felt so depleted of energy from working so much that it was hard to work on the tasks that would save me time and energy in the future. 
Immediately after our first meeting I felt that Natalie was helping me to solve my problem, because she provided actionable steps to take immediately. She did this without overwhelming me-she broke down the action steps into small pieces so that they were doable and impact full right away. 
I know that I am supported by Natalie. She has not only helped to clarify and put action behind ideas that I already had, but she helps to generate new profitable ideas for my company as well.
Most recently due to the Covid-19 outbreak, my company had to pivot fast on our offerings in order to generate a new stream of revenue and continue to serve our clients during social distancing. Natalie helped me come up with an action plan right away and her suggestions were tactical and effective, leading to success. I was able to generate a new revenue stream, a new marketing plan, and keep my staff engaged and employed.
I feel optimistic and excited about the future. My business and my goals do not feel as daunting to work on. It feels good to have someone who is caring and full of valuable insight on my team!

Founder & CEO, Gemstone

Sara Kemp

Natalie provided incredible insight, professional thought leadership, and actionable tools that made me feel as though this was our most productively positive and powerful leadership retreat ever!

Ally S.

Attendee, Mindful Leadership Retreat

President, pr agency
Coaching client

Laurel S.

Working with Natalie was SO powerful! I was able to finally articulate what aspects of my career were stuck and why. She armed me with the physical and emotional tools I needed to get unstuck, and then to be the architect of my future. It made me a better leader, manager, and employee, in turn resulting in my bosses championing my growth. But perhaps more importantly it made me happy, which reached far beyond my job and is lighting up my personal life.

senior director
taking point leadership

Dyan Crace.

Natalie is a wonderful human that brings a calming presence to every session. She is educated, experienced, and provides helpful tools, articles, and action items after each session. She has given me the confidence to better approach difficult situations and not shy away from conversations because of fear of disappointing someone. Working with Natalie has allowed me to uncover some limiting beliefs and helped me get to healthier and more productive mindsets faster.  She's also opened my eyes to what it means to "play small" and together we figured out a new career advancement opportunity based on my interests. She helped me find my voice and I appreciate her guidance and encouragement. I highly recommend Natalie to anyone looking for an executive coach!