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The NU Co. sits at the intersection between business, psychology, HR strategy, and wellness. (Translation: We’re a mix of consultants, coaches, and lawyers turned conscious business practitioners who incorporate top leadership strategies, science, art, deep inquiry, and intuition to mindfully transform individuals, teams, and companies).


Become the #1 boutique leadership and culture agency to support big-hearted, conscious people and companies who are changing the world.


  1. Do the work: Sometimes it’s looking at how the past is showing up in leadership behaviors and then doing things differently, sometimes it’s rolling up our sleeves and diving into a spreadsheet. Either way, we believe in getting. it. done.

  2. Be the work: If we’re not living, breathing examples of conscious leadership (aka ‘walking the walk’) we’re simply ineffective.  

  3. Forget about work on a regular basis: All work and no play turns humans into sociopaths. (Really.) We believe in getting outside, moving our bodies, enjoying nature, sweating (sometimes profusely), having fun, enjoying live music, and living full active lives rooted in wellness.



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