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An Organizational Psychologist with 15+ Years in Management Consulting and Organizational Development turned Sought After Executive Coach

Having worked at start-ups and global organizations like Accenture, Live Nation Entertainment, and Buck Consultants, I gained invaluable firsthand knowledge of personal and professional growth. While climbing the corporate ladder, I also pursued a master's and doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, giving me a solid scientific foundation in behavioral change, organizational development, and leadership.

In 2017, a significant health opportunity led me to study in mindfulness, neuroscience, nutrition, and detoxification, which cultivated a daily meditation and wellness practice. While no one desires illness and burnout, I now recognize how this experience, along with my education, work, and training, uniquely qualifies me to coach and guide others through holistic transformation.

The result is a modern and mindful style of executive coaching that empowers clients to thrive both professionally and personally.

Organizations grow and thrive when their people grow and thrive.

My husband and I live in San Diego with our daughter (born January 2022 after a 5-year fertility journey) and our golden retriever Bowie Girl. Outside of work, our little family enjoys the beach, fitness, live music, and travel.

I started The NU Company in February of 2018 and have coached hundreds of people, helping them bring mindfulness, inclusion, and elevated leadership skills to work. 

I sit on the Board of HerStory Mentorship, a non-profit focused on helping adolescent girls find purpose through entrepreneurship and digital wellness, and am a fellow at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

If you need:


Leadership Development

Leadership transformation, maturation of leadership qualities like emotional intelligence and resilience, growing culture, optimizing followership


Enhanced Work Performance

 Work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills


Work Life Alignment

Clarification of core values so that any misalignment between work and personal life is better understood, then experimenting with small shifts so that alignment and balance can fuel sustainable long-term success

then you owe it to yourself and your people to explore

whole person executive coaching

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Typical NU Co 6-month coaching Package:

  • 360 interviews and bespoke report
  • Proprietary NU Company work-life assessment
  • Personality analysis 
  • Human Design chart
  • 1:1 coaching sessions conducted virtually over Zoom
  • One 2-hour personal effectiveness strategy & goal planning session to review your data
  • 45 or 60-minute coaching sessions (depending on your preferences) 
  • Email support in-between sessions
  • A customized coaching log with all notes, links, book / podcast recommendations, homework, visuals, etc. for the client to keep
  • A very cute Golden Retriever in the background

Typical Results Include Increased:

  • Self-awareness
  • Leadership abilities
  • Productivity
  • Self-confidence
  • Ability to inspire teams and drive results
  • Ability to manage work-related stress

Pictured here: said Golden Retriever who insisted on being in nearly every photo (our beloved Bowie Girl) 

real results:

"I know that I am supported by Natalie...

...She has not only helped to clarify and put action behind ideas that I already had, but she helps to generate new profitable ideas for my company as well."

Sara Kemp, Founder

"Natalie helped me define my bigger picture...

She used unique tools like human design and personal core values to guide my discovery, which were equally enlightening and validating. She helped me find a sustainable balance between a pursuit for what's next and fulfillment in the now.

Natalie's approach is different than other coaches I've worked with. She coaches the whole person, keying in on how self-care, self-dialogue, even daily routines can affect our professional lives.

I am grateful for my work with Natalie, and highly recommend her.

Angelique Valinoti, SVP

Why work with Natalie?

The Academic Edge: With a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, there is an evidence-based approach to our sessions. This expertise ensures that the coaching you receive is rooted in proven principles.

Corporate Meets Conscious: Extensive experience in the corporate world offers a first-hand understanding of the nuanced challenges that executives face every day. Add to that a deep immersion in mindfulness, psychology, and neuroscience, and you get a coaching experience that's as human as it is strategic.

We Explore YOU holistically: The key to your success doesn't just lie in your leadership performance but in every aspect of your life. So we look your diet, sleep quality, relationships - even key childhood experiences. By examining these interconnected factors, we get to the root causes of your challenges, not only opening the door to transformative change but making it stick. 

Elite and Tailored for You: This isn't a one-size-fits-all program. Coaching with The NU Co. is exclusively tailored for high-performing executives and founders who are committed to achieving more—both in business and in life. This work helps you instigate the kinds of small but powerful shifts that lead to profound results.

Let's embark on this journey together, discovering the best version of you, both as an individual and as a leader.

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